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Installation Guide for SAP User Experience Monitoring

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This document describes the procedure to enable User Experience Monitoring (UXMon) for a Solution Manager installation with release 7.20.

Note: EEM is the former name for UXMon.

EEM Recorder

SAP Client Plugin (recording via Microsoft Internet Explorer)

The Recorder can be downloaded in the SAP Solution Manager Configuration > Application Operations > User Experience Monitoring > Step 3.1 'Create Scripts'

As an alternative, the SAP Client Plugin can be downloaded via the SAP Note: 1435190.
The version to download must be the 32 bits.
After in the archive is extracted, it’s required to edit the “” file and set the following property: eem_active=1

HTTP Archive (HAR)

Starting with Solution Manager 7.2 SP09, the UXMon Script Editor also support - as a prototype - the creation of a script via an HTTP Archive.

Such an archive can be produced by most of the recent Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, ...) and HTTP utility tools (HTTP Watch, ...).

Editor Setup

JDK 6.1 is required to run the Editor (In some cases, JDK 8.1 can also be used).
Only 32-bit JDKs can be used (you can install a 32-bit JDK without limitations on a 64-bit Windows system). 

The Editor can be retrieved via the SAP Note: 2564827

  • Extract Editor archive
  • Launch EemEditor.exe

The Editor archive also contains a user guide for the editor (PDF document) that explains the basic tasks for setting up scripts.

Install Standalone Diagnostics Agent

Note the requirements for an agent to support the SAPGUI protocol:

  • The agent must be installed on Windows
  • The SAPGUI for Windows including the scripting component must be installed on that host as well

You can skip the steps in this chapter if your are using an existing agent(s) from your E2E trace landscape. Note, however, the following limitation: If you use an existing agent for UXMon that is also assigned to a managed system then every execution of the managed system configuration setup step "Introscope Host Adapter" will cancel all UXMon script executions. A restart of the agent is recommended to recover from this.

Refer to Diagnostics Agent Platform Support for EEM Robots for platform support and installation guidance.

Configure SMD Agent

Follow the setup that is available via the sap note mentioned here Diagnostics Agent Platform Support for EEM Robots.

The robot name can be set in SAP Solution Manager Configuration > Application Operations > User Experience Monitoring > Step 2.6 'Configure EEM Robots'

UXMon Setup in ABAP

Apply latest version of note UXMon Correction Note

Please apply first the SNOTE corrections with note 875986 and restart the transaction with /nSNOTE.

Correction notes relevant for each Support Package:

Solution Manager 7.20

Perform Guided Setup Procedure

Start the workcenter SAP Solution Manager Configuration choose Technical Monitoring and select End-User Experience with user SOLMAN_ADMIN or a copy of this user.


Documentation can be found at

or directly for EEM via this link:

UXMon help for 7.20 SP04



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  1. Hi,

    Unfortunately SAP Note 1368413 referenced above s currently either SAP Internal only or under review and therefore not accessible by SAP Customers. Can you help to fix this please?

    Cheers, Phil G.

  2. Unknown User (104c8iu2a)


    Can we install stand alone SMD Agent in our own desktop running on Windows XP ? I tried with x86, but says not a valid Win 32 application. My laptop is 64 bit, not sure why looking for Win 32. Is this for Java ?