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Initial thresholds for steps are taken from the response time during recording or from the execution in the EEM Editor. These respone times are rounded and persisted in the properties threshold.<stepName> and thresholdYtoR-<stepname>. These properties are only used to fill the initial values for the thresholds during the first upload of the script. Changing them in the editor or on the script property page does not have any effect on the thresholds used for calculation or alerting.

Thresholds can be maintained for each step of a script in eem_admin (Solution Manager 7.0 EhP 1) on tab Alert Configuration or in solman_setup (Solution Manager 7.1) step 'Alerting'. It is also possible to enter for each step executed on a robot another threshold. Based on the historical response times the thresholds can be adapted automatically by adding an offset or mulitplied with a factor.

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