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You cannot see any system data in the Monitoring UI or jump-in to E2E Trace is not available.

Executions (Timestamp and steps below) are written with bold letters if system data or a trace is available. If the execution is triggered with a trace level > 0 the text is written in italic letters.
Currently there are 3 types of scripts where system data or traces can be collected/displayed:

1. HTTP Script for SAP J2EE based applications

System data/traces are only available if tracing has been enabled (Run Script with trace or Set temporary configuration). It is possible to configure that HTTP log and DSR records are written always. See also Trace Enabling for EEM  

2. HTTP Script for ABAP based application

System data/statistical records are always available. Detail traces (SQL, ABAP Trace,..) are only available when tracing has been enabled.

3. SAPGUI Script

System data/statistical records are not for all steps available. Detail traces (SQL, ABAP Trace,..) are not possible at the moment.


When system data/traces are missing (see description above) you can check the following steps:

1. The parameter "Expire in seconds" of temporary configuration should have a value higher than 60 seconds (default 1800)
2. Is the script assigned to a technical scenario (are systems assigned to the script)?

3. Is the extractor running?
4. Check the log of the extractor.

If there is an error message like

Trace collection failed: 1/0 exceptions occurred during synchronous/asynchronous trace collection.

an error occurred during trace collection in Solution Manager J2EE and  you need to check the log viewer of the Solution Manager Java Stack.

- Start the NWA log viewer ( /NWA -> Monitoring -> Logs and Traces -> Show Default trace.

- open the filter and enter:  location   contains and click on 'Apply filter '

From the screen shot above it is clear why the trace collection aborted (SMD Agent cannot be reached at this time) but in other cases when the BusinessTransaction*.xml could be retrieved it makes sense to start a single analysis just with one file that is uploaded in the E2E Trace application for the system.

- Get the BusinessTransaction.xml from robot

- Open the E2E Trace application from the RootCause Analysis workcenter for the system you want to collect the trace.

- Upload the BusinessTransaction.xml and check the progress and in parallel the default.trc as mentioned above.

Known Problems
1. HTTP Script for SAP J2EE based applications
-HTTP log or DSR records could not be found.

2. HTTP Script for ABAP based application
-ICM HTTP log does not have the correct format.

3. SAPGUI Script
-ABAP Statistic records could not be found because the time difference of Robot and called system is too high.

4. In SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP03 and SP04
- No system data can be found if the Technical Scenario name has been created including lower case characters. Because of a data element change it is possible to create Technical Scenarios with lower case but internally another data element was used which translates them to upper case. The problem is solved with SP05. As a workaround in SP03 and SP04 you need to create the Technical Scenario name only in upper case.


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