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EEM Release Notes



New features


  • Screenshots for http. Screenshots are shown in the editor when selecting a transaction step (not message) in the execution log and in the generated execution reports.


  • Example scripts for http and sapgui.
  • Improved welcome page includes link to preference page "Solution Manager Connection".
  • Customized parameterization rules are now reloaded automatically, no more editor restarts required.
  • When opening a script that contains variables with empty values, the variables preference page shows up automatically.
  • Editor user guide included.
  • Import and export polished.
  • Editor can be run in Eclipse IDE.

Runtime / Execution Engine

  • Finally step: execute some steps even in the case of errors to perform logout, release a session etc.
  • reduced memory footprint for http scripts: Before, the complete script result for all messages was kept in memory. Now, only the response for the current message is in memory.
  • RFC protocol support (prototype)
  • Java executor (experimental)
  • schedule.period.seconds can now also be used in scope temp.
  • sapgui scripts always dump the ui component tree in case of errors to simplify troubleshooting. In the editor, a screenshot is captured as well.

Configuration and Administration

  • New configuration scope ScriptEditor


  • Notify queue is persisted in the file system (folder temp/eem/notify). If the robot restarts, e.g., due to maintenance mode or restart/downtime of Solution Manager not notifications are lost.
  • status information about notification is available. Exposed in the servlet and new admin UI.
  • Disabling EEM on a robot deletes all scripts in the file system.

Known Problems

  • stopScript on a robot does not stop scripts with schedule.absolute.offset=true. Fixed so far only for SP27, 7.1 SP2.


Known Problems

  • Memory leak triggered by some http scripts on robot. Contact SAP via a message on SV-SMG-MON-EEM to get the preliminary fix until Patch 1 is released.

New Features

  • support variable in text searches
  • schedule.absolut.offset
  • sapgui.timeout
  • auto import certificate (popup dialog like IE) when SSL setup fails or ignore certificates completely

Bug Fixes

  • httpclient logging: "warning: buffer size is unknown" is reduced to level DEBUG
  • Add autoparam rule to support CRM session id crm-icsessionid
  • post body from ClientPlugin is stored in un-escaped form, we adapt btxparser to this change
  • Correct escaping in AutoParam rules
  • servlet authorization relaxed
  • NPE during global trust store upload if the global trust store password is empty
  • Handle variables with short names correctly


Release date: ~201005xx

  • must no longer be uploaded. Only required for custom extensions.
  • HTTP scripts supported on JDK 1.4 agents
  • Connection test for Solution Manager connection
  • Editor can use OSS connections (http proxy / "saprouter support")
  • Local history in Editor (~undo function)
  • Option to put documentation into script (Annotation/documentation for script and step (and message))
  • EemEditor.ini.example
  • Better display of error messages
  • Welcome page
  • Retrieve agent log files for script from agent into editor
  • Generated test documentation
  • Merge/split steps
  • Per-script listener configuration
  • Variables in step names and searches
  • Optionally transfer secure properties from editor to repository
  • Several pre-defined variables that can be used: robot, script
  • Version check between robots and editor
  • Housekeeper period configurable (first step towards "catch up with SMD downtime")
  • Reset and Think are now commands
  • Download all log files into editor


Release date: ~201001xx


(Lots of improvements and bug fixes not listed)

  • New command AssignFromList
  • New command AssignFromFile
  • Merge function for scripts (experimental)
  • Several bugfixes in robot administration / script deployment that previously required additional restarts of the robot for changes to take effect
  • ABAP API to start/stop scripts
  • Recordings are also stored in the repository
  • Synchronize repository status with script status on robots and display error details for failing scripts
  • New flash UI (eem_monitor)
  • XLS export
  • Improved E2E trace integration for SAPGUI scripts
  • https support for wsnotify web service calls Agent à Solution Manager


Release date: 20090908


SP21 editor and agelet can read and process SP20 scripts. Once the scripts are written with an SP21 editor, they can no longer be handled by SP20 agents.

Furthermore, the following adaptations must be considered when upgrading from SP20 or lower:

  • The parameter names for basic authentication have been changed.
  • Global keystore is gone. Copy it to each script and set the script-specific keystore password
  • Global truststore password is set using a different procedure: In the Admin UI, set property global.truststore.password

Updating the editor: If you update in place, the editor must be launched once with the option --clean: EemEditor -clean

Known Problems:

  • Deleting defect scripts on the agent fails with NPE (CL701: 534498, CLSP21: open)
  • Reload script does not consider script status DELETED (CL701: 534498, CLSP21: open)
  • Updates to a search rule between import and replay cause IllegalArgumentException (CL701: 534817, CLSP21: open)
  • NPE after we click stop button if the script is in iteration mode.
  • Different scripts with same name but under different projects will automatically share the same configuration in editor.
  • Disable all and Enable all don't work in the rule configuration dialog.
  • Applied setting in preference dialog is lost if you click on OK after you switch the scope.


  • New configuration scope Root defines a list of all valid parameters with documentation, types, default values
  • Various extension points to add custom functionality (API not released for creating extensions by customers)
  • Commands as script elements
  • Https and SSO for admin activities
  • Optional serialized execution of scripts on agents: set semaphore.use.default=true on Scope Global to use this.
  • Automated setup, minimized number of manual steps
SAPGUI scripting
  • Support for checking table controls and report outputs in a more flexible way
  • Comparison of sapgui script replays
Http scripting
  • NTLM (integrated Windows) authentication
  • Separate keystore and truststore per script
  • Enhanced parameterization for WD ABAP
  • SetCookie command to set cookies that are created by Javascript
  • Edit Message Dialog
  • Script wizards to support automated script enhancements:
    • Step naming for SAPGUI
    • POWL for WD ABAP
  • Enhanced comparison of replay / recording from arbitrary scripts
  • Customizable parameterization rules
  • Reparameterize: re-apply the parameterization rules without repeating the import
  • Multiple iterations of a script in the editor
  • Analysis of script execution log files from agents
  • Edit/Display mode
  • Authorizations
  • Support for secure properties
  • Direct editing of configuration
  • Hierarchical robot locations
  • Scripts are deleted on offline agents
  • Optional serialization of script execution per agent
  • New layout with hierarchical robot locations


Release date: 20090612

Known Problems:

  • Http executor does not reset http client between script iterations (CL701:, CLSP20: 533003)
  • Editor does not allow to enter schedule.offset without setting schedule.period (CL701:, CLSP20)
  • Secure properties are not supported in the Admin UI. Please switch to string properties in the editor.
  • Setting variables in the preference page is only effective after saving the script.


  • Official SAPGUI support
    • Editor tools
  • Secure properties
  • Stricter validation of config.xml
  • E2E trace integration
  • Revamped flash UI
  • Admin UI


Release date: 20090219


  • New script file format. Old scripts can be imported via "migrate" in the Project Navigator
  • New configuration file format: separate files, different scopes
  • Administration UI in ABAP
  • Real-time monitoring UI in ABAP
  • Administration WebService, integration with EEm Repository in ABAP. Test via servlet
  • Editor: Script is displayed in a tree view. Inactive messages can be hidden, steps collapsed
  • Editor: direct upload to agents and to EEM Repository


Release date: 20081217

Problems fixed:

  • Executor: no transId in passport (CL 508243, 20081113)
  • Agelet: added metric "Required Sucessful steps (CL 508243, 20081113)
  • SAPGui support
    • is now available in agelet, although untested
    • Several fixes for SAPGUI in the editor
    • BusinessTransaction.xml is now generated as well
  • E2ETRace integration: trace flag was not set correctly
  • NullPointerException for HTTPS via proxy (SDN scenario)

Release date: 20081105

Problems fixed:

  • Pre SP18 Agelet: could not be deployed (CL 507433)
  • Editor: Wrong title for script configuration dialog (CL 507044)

Open Problems:

  • Import Bug. When trying to import a script into a project which is actually out of the workspace (create a project by not choosing default place). StringIndexOutOfRange excetion raised.
  • With execution.context = 1, NPE exception raised when run the script on SMDAgent.

Release date: 20081031*

Build date: 31.10.2008

New features / improvements:

Problems fixed:

  • Upload of does not update the individual JAR files (CL 506967)
    • Work-around:
      • shutdown agent,
      • delete applications.config/eem/executors/.jar
      • restart agent

Open Problems:

  • NullPointerException after setting eem.enable, then immediately uploading
    • Work-around:
      • reboot agent, then upload
  •  "Unsupported content type in editor" – can be ignored
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