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SAPGUI Scripting


  • Make sure sapgui scripting is enabled via profile parameters
  • The scripting functionality must be installed as part of the SAP Frontend installation


In general sapgui scripting in End-User Experiencing Monitoring is limited to the functionality exposed via the SAPGUI scripting API. The limitations are listed in SAP Note 587202. Not all functionality that is available to a real user can be used in EEM scripts. In particular the following functionality may cause problems:

  1. Launch of external programs, even if the window is embedded into SAPGUI. Example: Launch of Acrobat Reader to display a PDF document.
  2. Display of HTML pages via the HTML control. This may work for simple HTML pages, but in particular if any authentication is involved this will probably fail in EEM. For a real user authentication may also take place silently via single sign on of the operating system user. This single sign on cannot be used for EEM scripts. Also other authentication popups cannot be scripted. If a HTML page is displayed as part of the logon or start screen it can often be disabled per user via the menu: Extras -> Settings: Select Do not display picture.
  3. File upload and download. Depending on the exact mechanism used in the application it may or may not work. Beware of security popups.
  4. Other complex application-specific controls are currently not officially supported. They may or may not work.
  5. In some cases images, e.g. on the logon screen caused problems. You can disable these images via the menu: Extras -> Settings: Select Do not display picture.
  6. Recording via Low Speed Connection is not possible.

Suppressing Popups

SAPGUI offers a new setting to suppress popups from the communication layers. This setting is available starting with SAPGUI 7.20 Patch 10. See also SAP Note 1636636 for a description of this feature. Without this setting, popups from the communication layer show up, but are not visible to EEM. As a consequence the script appears to be hanging and will be terminated after sapgui.timeout seconds. If you activate this suppress popups feature the script will directly be terminated with an error message. Unfortunately, however, not all details of the error reason are available.

There are two options to activate suppressing this kind of backups:

  • For Solution Manager 7.1 SP5 and later set the configuration property sapgui.suppressbackendpopups to true. By default, popups are suppressed robot side only, even if this property is not set.
  • For Solution Manager 7.1 SP4 and earlier you can activate this feature by manually setting one of these registry keys:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\SAPGUI Front\SAP Frontend Server\Scripting\SuppressBackendPopups = 1 (DWORD)
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SAP\SAPGUI Front\SAP Frontend Server\Scripting\SuppressBackendPopups = 1 (DWORD)

If you want to set this entry per user on the robot make sure to pick the right user - typically SAPServiceDAA.

Upgrading/patching SAPGUI

When an upgrade or a patch for a SAPGUI on a robot is planned you should stop the scripts on the robot in advance. When some SAPGUI controls are locked during the SAPGUI upgrade a reboot might be required.

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