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It is possible to schedule starting and stopping of scripts at specific times and avoid a to complex or missleading workmode management.


There are two reports available for starting and stopping EEM Script(s) which can be used in a batch job schedule.





If a script should be executed only once per day you can also set the property schedule.startTime (e.g. to 0200) and schedule.period.seconds=86400.

See also explanation of the property:

Fixed start time for a script. The first execution of the script will take place at the specified time. Time zone is the local time zone of the robot. Format is HHmm (24hour format). Additional executions are scheduled based on schedule.period.seconds. If you want one execution per day at a fixed time then set schedule.period.seconds=86400. If the specified start time does not contain 4 digits the setting is ignored



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  1. Nice code!

    But when will this functionality available in the admin UI itself? I have a kind of "downtime manager" in my mind, where you can schedule (start and stop) scripts on a planned time. Consider a planned system downtime in one or even more of your business systems and you want to avoid that alerts are going to be sent around at this time. Would be really convenient if you can schedule this by selecting the scripts and a time directly in the UI.

    Regards, Steffen

  2. With this reports, we implemted a Daemon wich checks if a downtime for system exist and if yes it create a background job wich stops all script for this system and after downtime a other background job start the scripts .

    If someone would like more information about the daemon please send an email.

    Regards, Daniel