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There are several options to specify a script specifc alert text.

  • Script annotation

For each script an annotion can be entered for documentation or alerting purposes.
These texts are displayed in the Solution Manager configuration(SOLMAN_SETUP):

 and the document of type Alert is displayed in the alert inbox or in the email notification by replacing the placeholder EEM_MO_DESC:

The script annotation can be entered in the EEM Editor:



The length of the Alert annotation should not be longer than 80 characters and it is not possible to enter line breaks.

  • Changing alert text for notification

 The alert text for notifications can be adapted via the BADI BADI_DYN_INCI_NOTIF. Follow the instructions of note 1747633 to customize the content.

With the interface method IF_ALERT_CONSM_OBJECT~GET_SUB_OBJECTS you get all managed objects(MO) from the hierarchy.
The hierarchy in EEM is:

MOT Type


Example for MO name



EEM Selfcheck Script





Script on Robot

EEM Selfcheck Script~robot1





Script step on Robot

EEM Selfcheck Script~robot1~step1

If the alert is raised for the Script 'EEM Selfcheck Script' method IF_ALERT_CONSM_OBJECT~GET_SUB_OBJECTS would return all objects of the script executions on robots (SCR_ROB).
From there you could retrieve the MO name which contains the robot name.


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