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With Solution Manager 7.2, User Experience Monitoring proposes a Fiori version of its Monitoring UI.

Without providing the capability and the flexibility of the UXMon Monitoring UI, the Fiori version is more suited for small screens of the mobile devices.

This User Experience Monitoring - Mobile Optimized application allows you to monitor performance and availability of technical scenarios from multiple locations across your global IT landscape anywhere, anytime.

Key features:

  • Shows results of executions for monitoring scripts.
  • Scenario (script) or Location (robot) oriented navigation
  • Drill down from the overall statuses to the single executions (during the last hour) to the step-level details.
  • Filtering capabilities to focus on the Scenarios and Locations you are most interested in.




Installation information

Refer to Configuration of SAP Fiori for SAP Solution Manager  on the SAP Help Portal


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