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Welcome to the SAP Enhancement Package site.

Why SAP Enhancement Packages (EhP)?

SAP introduced its enhancement package strategy for SAP ERP as a means to simplify the way customers manage and deploy new software functionality. Customers can electively implement these software innovations from SAP and activate the software upon business demand. As a result, customers can isolate the impact of software updates and bring new functionality online faster through shortened testing cycles.
Learn here more about the enhancement package concept which is the first of its kind in the industry, offering customers greater long-term value and an easier methodology for managing software innovations.

Learn more about SAP Enhancement Packages

SAP Enhancement Package Infocenter  (SMP login required)is the gateway to learn everything about SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP 6.0

Highlights of SAP ERP Enhancement Packages

Architecture and Technology of SAP Enhancement Packages for SAP ERP 6.0 

Understand the fundamental changes and the new implementation procedure (SMP login required) coming with SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP and get access to the questions frequently asked in the EHP Forum by clicking: here.


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  1. Ehp5: cannot find any documentation about ehp5 . I searched as well as and

    what is planned?
    - content?
    - ramp up phase?

    what is the status?

    when will it be availalbe?


  2. Hello all

    according to SAP marketplace Enhancement Package 5 is now general available to all SAP customers. So you should now find some docu at the SAP Markeptplace. May be it is worth to place some documentation regarding the enhancements here.

    Actually I have no idea how to handle future SAP developments.  SAP is providing first documentations regarding the content of SAP Enh. Pack 6. Furthermore there is a small change in architecture. SAP is now establishing "add on"s which are not part of the Enhancement Package (or are may be technically speaken part of the software bot not from point of license structure. I would suggest to have some "documentation" or whatsoever here or at a different place in which this SAP approach is explained because fro the point of a customer: the information flow of SAP is not so good here and sometimes gives rise of "misunderstanding on customer side.

    With best regards


  3. Hello all

    only to give an example of a new type of development approach:

    The new EHS Incident Management is delivered as part of a so called: Component Extension 1.0

    which is not ! part of an Enhancementpackage. I would assume that SAP will follow this approahc not only in EHS but in other modules too. So may be: Component Extensions should be part of this thread or should be part of a new one.

    The topic "Component extension" should not ! be mixed with other SAP extensions (e.g. SAP EHS needs to be activated as an "extension" ).

    Therefore it might be helpful to prepare a "glossary" or whatsoever to explain some terms SAP is using and to clarify what these terms means (from technical point of view etc.)

    With bets regards