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In most of the problem situations, the issue can be resolved easily by following a few generic steps which are listed below.

Applicable to any ADS issue:
It’s highly recommended to always use the latest Advantage Databse Server and Client Engine versions, which are available for download at Developer Zone

This can help to resolve or even avoid known issues occuring at all. Details about the resolved issues in the latest version can be found in the Release Notes delivered as part of the installation files. 
If an error code is being presented:
If there is a four digit error in the ADS_ERR.ADT or ADS_ERR.DBF file, the error code can be looked up in the ADS Online Help  to investigate the meaning of the error code. The error code can also be used to search for a resolution in the SAP Knowledge Base Best search results will be retrieved by using short and meaningful search terms such as “Advantage 6420” or “ADS 6420 6097” that may provide guidance to resolve the issue. 
Network and Performance issues:
If a performance issue is observed in the ADS environment between the Client and Server, in most cases this relates to Network-Issues, which can be avoided with using an ADS.ini file with the settings LAN_IP/PORT, instead of the Discovery Process to send Multicast Packets over the Network.
Related to such issues, there are also a lot of qualified KBA’s to find with the following search terms, i.e. “Advantage ADS performance”, “Advantage 6420 LAN_IP ADS.ini” and “Advantage USE_TCP_IP”. This search terms returns KBA’s which help to understand the communication layer between the ADS and the Client machine and how it can be optimized by using the ADS.ini file.

  KBA 1915881    KBA 1915905

Database, Table or Index problems:
To avoid any issues on the Database, Table and Indexes, it is highly recommended to always make a Backup. This will help in case of an e.g. Database corruption, to restore it into the last working status. In most cases, the ADS_ERR.ADT or ADS_ERR.DBF file will log a four-digit error code, which is related to the effected element.

In case of ADS Table problems, there is an application called ADTFix.exe in the Advantage Code Central , which can be used to repair the ADT file. In case of DBF Table problems, check the ADS_ERR.ADT or ADS_ERR.DBF file for error codes and search for it in the SAP Knowledge Base. In case of an ADI Index issue, the Advantage Data Architect can be used to re-index the Table. The SAP Knowledge Base includes a lot of KBA’s which assist in fixing such issues, like for self-interaction.

Validation code:
For an order of ADS extensions or updates to a newer version, it is required to provide the Serial Number and Validation Code which is already installed. For the necessary parameters to find the requested details, please visit the following KBA 2123487 .

In case of upgrading an evaluation license or expanding a productive license of ADS, please check KBA 2069403 .

ADS Software Registration:  KBA 2125396 .

You can post your question or issue also to the SAP SCN ADS Forum

SAP ADS Sales contact