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Content for data migration is critical to jump-start and ensure a successful data migration project. Migration content is provided by the SAP Best Practices and Rapid Deployment solutions development teams. The content can be downloaded from the service market place and loaded into SAP BusinessObjects Data Services. There is content to support the major parts of the migration process:

  • Jobs and workflows that are loaded into Data Services. This is the core of the content and this enables mapping to the SAP data structures.
  • Documentation on each object. This includes a word document that explains the details of the object. When loading via IDOCS, the word document explains the IDOC, segements, and each field. Also in the documentation are spreadsheets that can be used very, very early to look at the fields SAP has and begin researching the gap in fields from the source to the target as well as early mapping planning.
  • Migration services to read the the SAP business context, such as the Implementation Guide Configuration to map to target structures. (For example, U.S.A. in the source system must be US in the target system.
  • Pre-delivered reports to monitor the migration process.
  • Beginning in Q3 this year project management capbilities will be added.

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