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Service packs for both ADS 12 and ADS 11.1 contain the following installers

  • Advantage Delphi installer
  • Advantage .NET installer
  • Advantage VO/Vulcan installer

What's new?

  • Advantage Delphi Components now includes support for Delphi 10 Seattle
    • With bug fix for AdsData access violation in Delphi XE8 caused memory leak.
  • Advantage .NET Data Provider now includes support for Visual Studio 2015
  • Advantage Vulcan drivers now include support for Vulcan.NET 4

There are no updates to ADS Server or to Advantage Client Engine.

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  1. Former Member

    I am a Delphi Developer.  We have many purchased licenses for our customers in multiple countries.  I need to download ADS 12.1 AND the Delphi TdataSet components.  What page works?


    Mark A. Smith

    Creative Automation Solutions, Inc.

    1. Please go in contact with your SAP ADS Sales partner, they can assist you.

      SAP ADS Sales Team