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Analyzing the root cause of data problems can take your IT and Business staff HOURS. However, by following good information governance principles, you can lessen this time burden.



Business Problem

Many times a busines user looks at a report and is not confident that the data is right. To truly trust the data on the report (and therefore the decision-making) someone needs to conduct root cause analysis. Without efficient root cause analysis, the business will experience these problems:

  • Information problems go unfixed, because no one knows exactly what the problem is...or if there really IS a problem
  • IT spends a lot of time creating one-off reports instead of responding to strategic issues
  • Because users don't trust the data, they store their own versions of master data
  • Single answers to truth cannot be found, because everyone is answering questions based on their own data in their own report.

Business Solution

  • With SAP Information Steward, you can track down where data on a report came from.
  • With SAP Information Steward, you can discover the quality level of the report data.
  • With SAP Information Steward, you can define fit-for-use rules for this data, check for compliance, and then publish those fit-for-use scores in the business intelligence environment.

Business Benefits

  • Information problems are resolved more quickly, because root cause analysis is partially automated.
  • A single version of the truth is possible, because users trust the data in reports and stop building their own versions.
  • Empowers Data Stewards and Global Data Managers by providing an interface for them to define fit-for-use standards, instead of relying on IT to find the information buried in code.  


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