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When extracting data via ABAP, still the fastest method is to let the ABAP write the data into a flat file and DI reads it then. The problem however is, the ABAP creates the file on the SAP server and DI is installed on the DI server. So we need either to copy the file from one machine to the other or setup a shared drive.

DI supports the methods

  • direct_download: The data is sent via the GUI_Download ABAP function
  • shared_directory: The jobserver can access the data file from the same location as the ABAP wrote it to
  • ftp: DI downloads the file via a ftp client
  • custom_transfer: You have a program of your own to be used
  • RFC transport method: We stream the data immediately, available since DS 4.1 and the preferred method now

Each method has obviously its own pros and cons but in most cases the IT department has a standard method already anyway, it is just a matter of getting it set up.

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