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In the Cleansing Package Builder module of SAP Information Steward, Data Steward's classify their data and define standard forms and variations based on their data, which automatically generates parsing rules based on how the data is classified.  The cleansing package is used by the Data Cleanse transform in Data Services to parse and standardize party and non-party data.

The SAP supplied person and firm cleansing packages defines how the Data Services' Data Cleanse transform cleanses person (name) and firm (company) information such as:
• given name
• family name (surname)
• prename, such as Mr., Mrs., Dr., Lt. Col.
• postname, such as Junior, Senior, M.D., CPA
• title, such as Software Engineer, Accountant, or Manager
• phone number
• Social Security number
• email address
• firm or company name, such as SAP, Hewlett-Packard, or McDonald's

You may use the person and firm cleansing packages as is or modify to meet your specific needs, using Information Steward's Cleansing Package Builder feature.

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