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Business Problem

When a new customer is entered into an SAP application system, such as ERP or CRM, you need to ensure at entry that it is not a duplicate and that the addess is correct. Bad customer data quality results in:

  • Unreliable receivers for marketing campaigns
  • Inaccurate order information causes delayed or lost shipments and lower customer satisfaction
  • Account duplications resutling in increase maintenance and lost productivity
  • Potential customers are annoyed by redundant mails, e-mails and phone-calls
  • Sales representatives are not able to identify relevant accounts
  • Reporting uses wrong data and this leads to wrong conclusions/decisions
Common causes for bad customer data quality
  • Mergers and acquisitions stir the database and cause duplicate records
  • Data entry from various sources like self-registration in a web-shop, partner management, external list management, etc.
  • Data entry in various systems and replication in other systems
  • Entry of incomplete data in CRM & ERP due to pressure of time by the responsible representative
  • Only parts of address- or communication-data are available

Business Solution

SAP provides the ability to:

  • Enforce data discipline directly within SAP CRM or ERP systems for customer, vendor, and business partner data
  • Check the addresses directly within within the application
  • Extensive coverage for global postal validation processes - over 230+ countries
  • Advanced record matching strategies for duplicate prevention

Business Benefit

SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management provides highly advanced data quality support, which you can use to deliver the accurate and complete information that your business requires.  This provides a more complete view of your customer to improve customer interaction with high quality information, effectively target customers and prospects and reduce mailing costs.


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