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How to determine where to resolve the problem based on the behavior seen.  

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine if the product is being called or not. 

  • Use a valid address 
    • Make sure that the address being used for testing is valid and only minor changes are being done.  The processing engine doesn't always behave as expected, when it is presented with invalid data as the invalid data.  The engine will evaluate an unknown number of potential assignments while trying to determine what is the correct assignment.  When invalid data is used, it can result in an unassigned address, rather than correcting the data to what is expected.  This doesn't mean that the product is not working correctly, but rather a condition can been seen where its expected behavior to not display the address reviewer screen.  The address reviewer screen will not pop as there are no changes between the input and the output, as is common with an unassigned address.  If you start testing with data that is just expected to standardize you can determine if the product is working at all or if the screen is just not being displayed.  
  • Determine if its assigning or just standardizing 
    • When you enter a record that is just standardizing, it tells you the product is being called and is working, not to its fullest, but working.  If the referential data for a country is not found when the instance of the engine was created, it will simply standardize the data rather than assigning the data.  
      • How do you know if a record is standardizing?   You can tell if its standardization that is occurring as opposed to assigning, as you will see casing change, or street suffix's shortened,
        • For example  332 front street Fl 3, lacrosse WI 54601 will standardized to 332 Front St, FL 3 Lacrosse WI 
      • How do you know if a record is assigning?  You can tell if its assigning as you see additional elements added to the records. 
        • For example, in the US with the country specific data purchased and installed:  332 front street Fl 3, lacrosse WI 54601 will standardized to 332 Front St S Fl 3, where you can see the "S"  was added.  At minimum in the US you should see the +4 added to the postcode.  
        • When additional address elements are added, the product is working as expected, but there may still be an issue that is stopping the address reviewer from being displayed.  
  • Once you have determine what the behavior is that you are seeing, it will then tell you where to look next.
    • Standardization seen but not assignment:
        • When you see casing changing, it tells you that the process is working, but it's not finding the referential data.  To resolve this the first step is to determine If the data is being loaded in HANA
          • 2702096 - How to trace address directories - SDQ
          • After increasing the tracing, additional entries will be added to the scriptserver trace file for <GAC650>.   If there are no entries, with dates of the files, for the country being processed, you need to look if its correct or incorrect that the engine did not initialize this country.  
            • Was the data downloaded and installed?  The country specific data is additional purchase data.  If you have not purchased the data for the country, the full assignment is not possible and it would be correct that the engine should not have initialized the country.  
            • If the data was purchased and installed and is still not being found to be initialized, locate the path in the script server trace file where its searching for the referential data.  This is the path that the engine is using to locate the referential data files.  Navigate to this path and verify that the files are in this location and are at the level where its searching, not in subdirectories or zip files.  The files need to be extracted from the download package and placed into the physical location where they are expected to be installed based on the scriptserver.ini file.  
            • Once the files are in place, restart the scriptserver to ensure that the data is picked up and restart the task plan.
    • When you don't see any standardization happening, you need restart the task plan.
    • 2347571 - Address Validation not working - SDQ

  • MDG specific issues 
    • There are two notes that typically need to be applied to all systems.  Because they are behavior issues, the notes can be difficult to identify.  
      • 2921804 - MDG WebClient doesn't display address suggestion lists when transaction BP does
      • 2915722 - Update /FLDQ/MDG_SDQ_MSG BC set
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