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The material in this wiki is with reference to versions of SAP Data Services lower than 4.2 Support Pack 2. Due to changes in product the content may not be fully valid for SAP Data Services 4.2 Support Pack 2 or above.
  1. Install Data Services on a node in your Hadoop cluster. If you have not done so, follow the Installation Guide for Unix.
  2. Ensure the HADOOP_HOME environment variable is set. If not, execute the command: export HADOOP_HOME=<hadoop-install-dir>.
  3. CD to the Data Services installation’s bin folder.
  4. Execute the command source ./ to configure the Data Services environment.
  5. CD to the $LINK_DIR/hadoop/bin directory where LINK_DIR has been setup by the script to point to the Data Services installation directory.
  6. Execute the command source ./ -e to configure Data Services for Hadoop.
  7. Optionally, execute the command ./ -c to configure Text Data Processing for Hadoop.
  8. Use the $LINK_DIR/bin/svrcfg CLI to setup or re-start your Data Services Job Server to ensure it picks up the Hadoop environment you've configured.

         NOTE: The user that starts the Job Server must have read/write access to the HDFS.

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