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Use the Corporate Householding match strategy when your matching business rules consist of multiple levels of corporate relationships, such as corporate matches, subsidiary matches, and contact matches.  Corporate Householding matching performs hierarchical matching to identify matching contacts within the same organization.

Dataflow example using Corporate Householding:



For the CorporateHouseholdFirmInd_MatchBatch configuration

PERSON1_GIVEN_NAME1 as the first name

PERSON1_GIVEN_NAME2 as the second name

PERSON1_FAMILY_NAME1 as the last name

FIRM as the firm


ADDRESS_PRIMARY_NUMBER the street number

POSTCODE1 the postal code


For each of the tree levels (Residence, Family, Individual) there are

_GROUP_NUMBER where the shared key of duplicates is stored

_MATCH_STATUS telling what record is the leading one, the others are the duplicates of that one



_MATCH_SCORE returns the confidence level of the transform this actually is a duplicate


and some additional fields.

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