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Cross Industry 

Business Problem

Many companies suffer from sub-optimal customer relationships due to misaligned customer master data that is kept inconsistently and siloed across different applications. Redundancies and quality issues are commonplace. This results in:

  • Reduced sales effectiveness
  • High marketing costs
  • Suboptimal customer service
  • Unreliable analysis
Business Solution

This Rapid-Deployment Solution (RDS) for customer data integration (CDI) includes SAP software, predefined services, and pre-configured content enabling one single view of customer information. The package helps companies to consolidate and harmonize customer data from heterogeneous systems into one single version of the truth. What is more, with this RDS, you can get the process up and running in a couple of weeks. 

Key Scenarios:

  • Customer Data Consolidation: ETL from source system incl. data cleansing based on SAP BusinessObjects Data Services. Data load into central MDM hub [BOBJ:SAP NetWeaver MDM] being the persistence and post processing layer
  • Collaborative Customer Data Correction: Continuous quality control on the central MDM hub
  • Global Duplicate Check against Central Customer Hub: At data creation in SAP CRM, new records are matched against the exisitng records in the CRM system (local check) and against the records in the MDM hub (global check). If matches are identified, the user is notified of matching records, preventing duplicates from being created
Business Benefits
  • Higher customer retention and satisfaction with improved customer service due to complete and accurate view of customer relationship
  • Increased sales through ability to cross-sell and up-sell based on customer’s profile
  • Reduced marketing costs with more accurate customer data, less duplication, and greater personalization
  • Improved insight through accuracy and reliability of all customer data-related analyses
  • Supports data governance initiatives with predefined or customizable workflows across applications
  • 360° view of customers and customer interactions