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End Customer Perspective

Imaging you call into a Call center to follow up on an email you had send a minute ago concerning a problem with your washing machine and the caller on the other side - after identification - would get back to you and say:   'Thanks for sending us an email. Is this call about the email you send a minute ago? How can I help?'  ....

The call center agent would arrange for a service agent to visit you the next day. And surprise, the service agent at your house would show up with your email printed out. Not only this, he would have all service documentation for the washing machine type you own available on his PDA/iPad.

Business Problem

Companies need to manage the communication with their customers in a consistent and customer oriented way. While customer master data and product data are typical available in a CRM systems often email and other correspondence is not available within in these systems. Customers are not happy to be treated as accounts, but they want to be treated as human beeings and therefore the original correspondence is more important than any data in a CRM system.

While the correspondence needs to available to the call center agent it also is relevant for the service agent and other part of the organization.

Customer files could even be used for sentiment analysis on products, which could be leveraged by the new product development organization.

Also from a compliance aspect the coressondence is the proof point to be kept in case of any legal follow later on.

Business Solution

SAP Extended ECM by Open Text delivers all the capabilities to solve this problem:

  • Integration of any document type in any System (CRM, ERP, ...)
  • Central Store/Archive  for all Documents including metadata
  • Scan client to support various scenarios to attach scanned documents to the relevant objects in CRM, ERP, ...
  • Records Management in SAP extended ECM by Open Text allows for compliant retention management of documents
Business Benefits
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Better customer service 
  • Streamline service processes based on a single source of truth
  • Support requirements for compliance

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