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Data migration is required when anytime data must be moved from one application to another. Migration is relevant for companies who are:
• Acquiring or merging with other companies
• Expanding into new lines of business
• Initiating Green IT projects to reduce hardware and systems environmental and dollar costs
• Harmonizing data and processes across organizational boundaries
• Conducting a Global SAP rollout
Migration projects are relevant for all types companies, including those with SAP applications, non-SAP applications, upgrading: any company who needs to migrate data from one application to another.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Migration

SAP offers a data migration offering to enable migration to any application. SAP BusinessObjects Data migration is broken down into the following steps:

  1. Data is profiled and extracted from the source system.
  2. Data is mapped to the target data structures.
  3. Data is validated against the target business context.
  4. Data is loaded into the target system.
  5. Data is reconciled between the target system and the source system.
  6. The entire process is done iteratively until the data is ready for load into the production target system.

The solution has three major components:

  • Software components, driven by SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
  • Migration content , developed by SAP’s Best Practices and SAP Rapid Deployment solution organizations
  • Consulting services, provided by SAP Services & partners

Resources to learn more about data migration.

Use cases for data migration