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The following objects are the data migration content in CRM. This content provides the following:

  • Jobs and workflows loaded into Data Services
  • Mapping to the SAP structures
  • Map source to target values by looking up the IMG configuration for the required data and mapping source to the required target
  • Word documents that explain each object
  • Spreadsheets to begin to discuss mapping before doing any mapping in the tools

Start by going to to download the content. The direct link to download is here. . You can also access the documentation from online help.

CRM objects

CRM Objects

CRM Objects

CRM Objects

CRM Objects

Business Partner - General / Sold-To (Customer)

Product - Service



Exchange Rates

Business Partner - Contact Persons

Product - Individual Objects


Business Activities

Price agreements (within contracts)

Business Partner - Competitors

Installed Bases


Financing Contracts

Coming in Q4 2011, support for IT Service Management

Business Partner - Employees

Pricing Conditions

Financial Services

Service Plans

Knowledge articles

Business Partner - Relationships

Sales Orders


Pool contracts

Service request

Business Partner – Hierarchies

Service Orders


Framework Agreements


Business Partner-Product Relationships - Material

Sales Contracts

Channel Partner

Product Service Letters

Request for Change

Target Groups

Service Contracts




Product - Material


Enterprise Organizational Structure



Coming soon for data migration to CRM

Recently a Rapid Deployment Solution for Rapid Data Migration to CRM was approved. It will be released in Q4 of 2011. It will focus on CRM Service and IT Service Management. Some new objects will be added and existing objects will have further mappings and content provided. Check back here for more information later in the year!

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