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Data migration to Utilities will be delivered as a Rapid Deployment Solution available in Q3, 2011. The following objects are the data migration content provided for CR/B on Utilties. This content provides the following:

  • Jobs and workflows loaded into Data Services
  • Mapping to the SAP structures
  • Map source to target values by looking up the IMG configuration for the required data and mapping source to the required target
  • Word documents that explain each object
  • Spreadsheets to begin to discuss mapping before doing any mapping in the tools
  • Output to load data via the Industry Solution Migration Workbench, (transaction EMIGALL) . After using this link, choose Technical Information Center - Migration.

Utilities Objects

Utilities Objects

Utilities Objects

Contract account

Notes to Field Service for Connection Object

Disconnection order

Budget billing plan from IS-U scheduling

Business partner

FI-CA document (open items only)

Customer Contact

Business partner relationship

Dunning items and creditworthiness



Individual facts for utility installation

Connection object

Owner assignment

Installment plan

Device / Equipment

Reference Values

Device installation/removal/replacement (install. mgt.) - Technical Install

Device location

Security Deposit

Device installation/removal/replacement (install. mgt.) - Billing

Utility Installation

Disconnection Document

Meter Reading

Move-in/utility contract

Enter disconnection

Meter Reading Sequence

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