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Data Services Common install scenarios(examples)


This Wiki is designed to show the most common scenarios of Installing Data Services. These scenarios are based on Data Services 4.1 SP1 patch 4 as an example. This is meant to be a living wiki page and will be added to on an ongoing basis with more detailed scenarios.

NOTE: Please read the full scenarios before proceding with your install. This is meant as a teaching aid so it will bring you through screens to see paticular error messages on purpose. It will then show you how to resolve. At that point it will explain how you can avoid the errors. If you follow this screen by screen not having read through the full scenario you will also run into those errors that can be avoided by reading fully through the scenarios.


The scenarios that will be covered are the following
1) One server Installation of IPS and Data Services all contained on the same server.
2) Adding Data Services to an existing BI installation. 2 box scenario BI on one box(with required DS components) and a second box for specific Data Services components.

Important Documentation and Kbases

Before going into the install scenarios there are a couple of links that are important to become familiar with. This wiki is a visual aid for the install scenarios but does not take the place of the provided documentation and planning of your install. It will benefit you to become familiar with these links/kbases. Also to fully plan your install with the provided documentation.

important kbases attached below:

Supported Platforms Guide
1811310 - Where can I find Data Services Supported Platforms?

Data Services Compatibility Matrix
1740516 - SAP Data Services 4.x and SAP Information Steward 4.x compatibility with SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform and Information Platform Services.

Release Notes:
1866105 - Release Notes for SAP Data Services 4.1 Support Pack 1 Patch 4 (Version

Documentation: Documentation for IPS and Data Services:
1429744 - How to access online documentation for SAP BusinessObjects products - Data Services / Data Integrator

Release Notes for specific release you will be installing(example)
1866105 - Release Notes for SAP Data Services 4.1 Support Pack 1 Patch 4

Installation scenarios Master Guide
1634351 - Where to find installation scenarios? - Data Services/Information Steward

All scenarios will be added as child pages off of this main page. As the wiki continues to be added to more content will be added with more involved scenarios.

Related SAP Notes/KBAs

Supported Platforms guide: 1811310 

Compatibility Matrix

IPS/DataServices documentation:

Release Notes:

Installation Scenarios: 1634351 

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