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Utilities: Customer Relationship Management and Billing

Business Problem

When implementing the CR/B application for Utilities, data migration is a critical task. If the data is not migrated correctly, the business processes may not execute. Additionally, if the data quality is poor, then the users my not adopt the new Utilities system. Since the customer and billing processes in the Utilities industry involve critical business processes, the migration must be on time, successful, and drive business process execution.

Business Solution

The business solution is a migration package tailored to SAP Customer Relationship Management and Billing for Utilties. Included are pre-delivered mappings, transformations, and jobs tailored to cleanse and load data into Utilities using the Industry Solutions Migration Workbench. Also included are reports, methodology, and project management tools for managing the migration project.

This solution will be delivered as a Rapid Deployment Solution: Rapid data migration to SAP Customer Relationship and Billing for Utilities.

Business Benefits
  • Faster migration by leveraging pre-delivered migration content and not building everything from scratch
  • Enablement of data goverance as a strategy, using the migration project as a first step towards data governance
  • Increased user acceptance of the new application system
  • Streamlined business processes due to cleansed and trusted data


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