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Defense & Security

Public Sector 

Business Problem

The ability to gather and share accurate, actionable intelligence in a timely manner is critical to government organizations. The success of law enforcement, defense and other military operations is tied to the need for effectively connecting the information systems of multiple departments and agencies, enabling analysts to sift through vast amounts of data flowing into their systems. For example, field reports, collection summaries, immigration records, web pages, emails, social media, news feeds and the like are constantly streaming in.

Business Solution
  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
    • Text Data Processing
      • Entity Extraction transform for natural language processing of unstructured text
    • Data Quality
      • Match transform for clustering similiar entities
  • Public Sector Specialized Extraction Content 
    • Out-of-the-box entities and relations pre-configured to extract key information such as person-organization, person-alias, travel events and security (weapons, vehicles, facilities, etc.)
    • Available in English
    • Available in Arabic and Simplified Chinese for security only
  • Text Data Processing Blueprints
    • End-to-end jobs that are configured with best practices to solve a specific scenario and includes sample data and may be run in the customer's environment with only a few modifications
    • Highlight processing English or German text
Business Benefits
  • Deliver the information that supports critical government/intelligence processes such as early warning systems, indications and alerts
  • Automate a previously time-consuming manual process and enable better, faster decisions to be made
  • Analyze vast amount of message traffic to help discover links between certain events, people and situations
  • Extend the value of your Enterprise Information Management and Business Intelligence investments rather than deploy new tools


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