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SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management delivers a solution to help analyze, cleanse, and match all type of data -  customer, supplier, product, or material data, structured or unstructured – to ensure highly accurate and complete information anywhere in the enterprise.

The data quality framework and process can be applied in many scenarios as data is entered, updated, or moved within an organization – almost any time data is touched. The most common scenario is basic data entry when employees add or update new entities, during which process errors can occur. In data migration projects, information from the source isn’t always accurate and may not map seamlessly to the new location or target.

Wondering when to employ Data Quality Management?

Here are some questions to ask yourself...



Use Case

Do you want to prevent data entry errors and duplicates?


Data Quality Firewall

Do you provide marketing solutions to target customers and prospects ?


Targeted Marketing

Do your users trust that their reports, dashboards and scorecards are populated by accurate, reliable and consistent data?


Better reporting


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