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Each Project should have at least the following Global Variables:

  • $G_LOADTYPE VARCHAR(5): {FIRST, DELTA} indicates if the current load is an Initial or Delta load
  • $G_SDATE date: The lowest date to take data from for this load
  • $G_EDATE date: The highest date
  • $G_DEFAULT_TEXT varchar(1): {?} A character all Strings will get assigned in case a null value is found, e.g. inside a Foreign Key
  • $G_DEFAULT_NUMBER int: {-1} same, but for numbers
  • $G_DEFAULT_DATE date: {9999.12.31} and for dates
  • $G_LANGUAGE varchar(2): In case text is available in multiple languages, take it for this one
  • $G_REBUILD_INDEXES varchar(1): {Y, N} See the PreLoad Stored Procedure
  • $G_FAILURES int: See the PostLoad Stored Procedure

These variables are set at the properties at the job to defaults, can hence be overwritten when executing a job or scheduling it. For safety reasons, a first script - the Initialize Script - should gracefully care about cases where variables have not been set correctly. see next chapter.

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