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In order to get a better understanding on how customers are using DataServices, we would like to collect use cases. These examples might be public or read protected, just as requested by you, so make sure you are logged in to SCN when viewing and creating these pages.

After logging in to this SCN application, please use the this page as template by opening it, select from the right hand tool menu the "copy" function and then edit your copy. It will be placed in the proper directory automatically, copy is all you need.

When you edit a page, you might want to switch to the "Wiki Markup" editor mode, I found that more handy. Either way, at the bottom you can restrict the viewing permissions. Leave it all open so everybody, really everybody worldwide, can see that page or use "SAPEmployees" as the only allowed group. You, as the creator of the page, will have full access to the page always.

Via the Add -> Attachments window you can upload your version of the dataflow.png and report.png file replacing the ones you copied with the template.

If you need help, just shoot me an email.

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