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SAP Information Steward and SAP Data Services are two complementary solutions. In this article we will discuss the scenarios that describe how these solutions are used together and how they complement each other.

Engage Business Users

When it comes to managing data quality, data stewards with their business domain expertise should be able to directly contribute in the process of data profiling, data cleansing and matching. While Data Services provides the technical user interface for IT developers to configure Data Cleanse transforms and Match Transforms, Information Steward provides business users a central user interface to engage Data stewards and business analysts in this process. Data Stewards can develop data cleansing packages within Information Steward which can be then deployed into Data Services runtime environment to cleanse and standardize the data. In case of Match Review, the results produced by Data Services Match transform are made available within Information Steward for manual review and correction as appropriate.

Maturing Data Quality Initiative

Data Quality or Information Governance initiative matures over the time. You can start with 'Passive Governance' using Information Steward. You can define the validation rules to assess the data quality, define data quality scorecards for key data domains to create transparency into data issues that need to be addressed. You would then setup appropriate processes to correct the data within source applications. As your data quality initiative matures, you may want to build an ‘active data quality firewall’ to reject bad data at the point of entry within the source systems. You already have established your data quality benchmarks based on validation rules that you implement in Information Steward. You can export those rules into Data Services and build a ‘data quality firewall’ as a real time service within Data Services.

Understand Metadata from Operational Landscape

In addition to data quality, understanding metadata holistically across the enterprise landscape is important to data management and information governance projects. Information Steward addresses this aspect. It also provides ability to define business terms and associate those business terms with data elements. These terms establish common understanding across business and IT and provide business context around technical objects which is necessary for ongoing collaboration.


SAP Information Steward and SAP Data Services complement each other in overall Data Quality / Data Governance initiative as they support different user persona who need to work together but have different level of skill set. They also address different scenarios that are important for the organizations as they mature in their data management and data governance initiatives.

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