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The top menu item "Keys and Requests" is ued to get new license keys for your installation. Click on "Request permanent license key" to create a new one.

Useful Information

If you do not have time to wait until the permanent key is received, use the download link "Obtain BusinessObjects temporary license key" and copy the key of the product in question into the License Manager application.

Choose the installation you want the key for by clicking onto its link.

Step 2: Select an existing system or setup a new system (Note: For Windows select NT/INTEL)
Step 3: Verify the system data is correct and click "Continue"
Step 4: Choose a version for each product selected
Step 5: Verify that the information on the request is correct. At the bottom of the form type you email address and for verification a second time. When done click on "Submit".

If the request was successfully submitted you will get an email with 24-48 hours with the keycodes. In your Data Services installation run the License Manager, paste each keycode in the upper area and click "Add". To activate the keys press the "Save" button.

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