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Log in to Data Services Management console.

Click on Administrator->Batch->repo name-> Batch Job Configuration->Add Schedule.

Choose DS Scheduler and input the required information for a schedule.

Note: It is suggested that you choose "Use password file", when you change the password of CMC logon user, you can just regenerate password files by following steps.
(If you do not choose to use password file, when the CMC user password was changed, you have to regenerate all the schedules through DS console.)
Click on Administrator->Management->CMS Connection, click on generate Password File button.

After click on Apply button for the schedules, there will be two files generated in %DS_COMMON_DIR%\log\<JobServer_name>\Schedules\<Repo_name> as below.

There will be task generated in Windows Task Scheduler named AT* as shown below.

From the Actions tab we can see, it will call the generated .bat file.

For Linux, it will only generated one .sh file under the same directory and it will use crontab to trigger schedule at specified time.

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  1. changed Task Manager → Task Scheduler