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Most customers are having issues with their reports because of data quality issues. Nothing major but many tiny problems that sum up. What we want to show here is an holistic approach for optimizing the report quality, at the same time get better data in the source system as well and keeping track of that daily.

Business Problem

Imagine somebody calls a company to place an order. What are the important things during the call?

  • Customer information is accurate for billing and delivery
  • Ordered article, price and quantity is correct
  • The time it takes to place the order!

The time is really critical, neither does the customer spent hours on the phone providing the piece of information nor does the company want to block the phone line longer than needed. For that reason these values are entered in a "good enough" fashion

  • Werner Daehn, Werner Dähn, Werner Dahn, SAP c/o Daehn.....all get the job done
  • Palo Alto, PaloAlto, PALO ALTO.....the postal service will be able to ship it
  • New Customer or identical with Werner Daehn, the movie actor?.....For shipping it does not matter
    All above versions will get the job done and before wasting time to check or asking for clarification, the data is left in this state.

Based on this data reports are viewed and business decisions are made.

  • How many customers do we have?
    Four: Werner Daehn, Werner Dähn, Werner Dahn, SAP c/o Daehn
  • Would it be clever to open a new sales office in Palo Alto?
    No, it is just 900'000USD. If it would be higher than a million, then we could talk about it.
  • Are we making more business with new customers or repetitive sales?
    We have new customers only, a Werner in Palo Alto, another is a movie actor, the other lives in... so the marketing budget should be spent on customer acquisition completely

And finally the reports will not look too nice either. You drill down along the geography, from Country to State to City and suddenly there are three lines with the same city name just spelled differently.

Business Solution


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