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Managing your data standards, owners, and policies is a core part of Information Governance. These people + process capabilities enhance accountability across your data management organization.



Business Problem

Although pervasive to nearly all information management processes, direct assignment of data ownership, data standards, and data policies is many times forgotten. Failure to document the ownership, standards, and policies results in these problems:

  • Information problems go unfixed, because no clear accountability has been assigned 
  • No governance or corporate standards applied
  • Untrusted information, because data standards are not consistently applied
  • Lengthy data reconciliation projects, because data policies must be discovered years after they were established
  • Reliance on IT to tell the business what fit-for-use data looks like, by combing through integration code

Business Solution

  • With SAP Information Steward, you can document clear ownership of critical data elements.
  • With SAP Information Steward, you can also document the data standards and policies that apply to critical data elements. 
  • This scenario uses SAP Information Steward in tandem with SAP Data Services.

Business Benefits

  • Information problems are resolved more quickly, because clear ownership is assigned.
  • Information problems are resolved more consistently, and with less negotiation time, because clear data standards are available.
  • Data Stewards and Global Data Managers can actively collaborate on defining data standards and policies--and then share those policies with other applications. This formal documenting of data standards and policies not only results in clear accountability/auditability, but also in a single-point-of-design. 
  • Empowers Data Stewards and Global Data Managers by providing an interface for them to define fit-for-use standards, instead of relying on IT to find the information buried in code.  


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