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Product Overview

SAP Information Steward provides business analysts, data stewards, and IT users with a single environment to discover, assess, define, monitor, and improve the quality of their enterprise data assets through the various modules described below: -

  • Data Insight: Profile data, create and run validation rules, and monitor data quality through scorecards.
  • Metadata Management : Catalog the metadata across their system landscape, analyze and
    understand the relationships of their enterprise data.
  • Metapedia: Define business terms for data and organize the terms into categories.
  • Cleansing Package Builder: Define cleansing packages to parse and standardize data.
  • Match Review: Review results of automated matching on a regular basis and make any necessary corrections. Match Review maintains a list of records in the "My Worklist" tab that involves reviewers' actions for match decisions.

Data Quality Advisor:  Starting with Information Steward 4.2, Data Quality Advisor is available. Data Quality Advisor is a tool within Information Steward – Data Insight that allows Data Stewards to quickly assess their data quality issues and tune a solution for them.  Data Quality Advisor consists of Content Type Discovery, Data Validation Advisor, and Data Cleansing Advisor.

Product Tutorials

Information Steward Product Tutorials

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