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As said in the Sections chapter, the fact table component/section consists of a first workflow named WF_xxxxDims with all the Components for the dimension tables of this star schema and a Conditional for either performinf the initial or delta load of the fact table. But what is the actual difference between those two? Very often the initial load can be build similar to the delta load - only difference is the range of days that should be loaded. In other words, $G_SDATE will have a value of last year or so for the initial load whereas for a delta load it will be e.g. yesterday. So the embedded dataflow extracting the data can be the same for both. At the DataFlow level, you will find a difference: Initial load will truncate the table, Delta load will use either AutoCorrect load option or have Table Comparison Transform before the table loader.

As a result, it is benefitial to use the Embedded DataFlows at least here, so changes have to be applied just once reducing the maintenance overhead and reducing the chance of inconsistancies between the two.

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