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To install, a couple files have to be copied. To simplify that, three ZIP archives have been created. Take the attached zip file called "eMail Adapter Installation" and expand it in the DI root directory. It will add mailadapter.jar file in the DI/lib/ folder and copy the configuration files in the approbiate subdirectories of DI/adapters/.

The second part are all libraries provided by Sun's mailapi. Just unzip in the DI root directory as well so they get copied into the DI/lib/ directory.

The third part contains the IMAP provider library. Although it gets installed and added to the classpath, right now it is never ever used.

  File Modified
ZIP Archive eMail Adapter Installation Mar 10, 2012 by Werner Daehn
ZIP Archive eMail Adapter Installation Mar 10, 2012 by Werner Daehn
ZIP Archive eMail Adapter Installation Mar 10, 2012 by Werner Daehn

Once all is extracted make sure you have enabled the adapter support for the jobserver as shown at the beginning of Integration of Adapters into DI.

Next, you can go to webadmin, the adapters, on the configuration tab and when you click on "add" you should see the MailAdapter in the list of available adapters.


The adapter itself will connect to a POP3 mailbox to receive message, so provide hostname/username/password. The SMTP host can be left blank if not needed.

Pay very much attention to the CLASSPATH. If you cannot start the adapter it is either because of issues connection to the POP3 server or because of this classpath. So for example, avoid log filenames with blanks like "C:\Program Files\...", instead use the 8.3 notation.

In my case the classpath is:

C:\PROGRA~1\BUSINE~1\DATAIN~1\lib\acta_adapter_sdk.jar; C:\PROGRA~1\BUSINE~1\DATAIN~1\lib\acta_broker_client.jar;
C:\PROGRA~1\BUSINE~1\DATAIN~1\ext\lib\xerces.jar; C:\PROGRA~1\BUSINE~1\DATAIN~1\lib\acta_tool.jar;
C:\PROGRA~1\BUSINE~1\DATAIN~1\lib\log4j-1.2.3.jar; C:\PROGRA~1\BUSINE~1\DATAIN~1\lib\activation.jar;
C:\PROGRA~1\BUSINE~1\DATAIN~1\lib\mailapi.jar; C:\PROGRA~1\BUSINE~1\DATAIN~1\lib\mailadapter.jar;
C:\PROGRA~1\BUSINE~1\DATAIN~1\lib\pop3.jar; C:\PROGRA~1\BUSINE~1\DATAIN~1\lib\imap.jar;


Once configured go to the status page and start the adapter.

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