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Before starting with the installation some decisions have to be made like how to name the repositories, will a central repo be used, how to move to production, etc. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, here you find some common scenarios.

For belows examples, draw an architecture diagram (all databases shall be Oracle) with

  • one source system and database for dev and test
  • one for prod
  • DWH servers and DB instance for dev, test and prod (or all on one server and DB?)
  • DB table owners for each
  • other servers if required
  • other DB instances and table owner names if required
  • repositories and their DB owner name
  • jobservers and their names
  • Web Admin server and
  • the migration path for dev-test-prod (if all three phases are required actually)

Use this as sample:

Try to pick the most simple architecture possible to start the project with!

Attached is a word document with the graphic objects

Attachment (4.67 KB)