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The US engine needs additional directory data installed and the engine to be actually enabled in the Options of the Transform.

The first thing we have to do is downloading and copying some directory files for US. The BOBJ ADDR US 2004-08 MNTHLY package, once extracted, contains multiple file but just a few of them are required for Data Services. The list of files copied into the reference directory is described in the included HTML file.

In the Global Address Cleanse Transform to actually use that engine, we have to enable it, setting the US engine to YES. Now the engine will use for US data this engine instead of the Global engine and hence have much more detailed information that before.

The input data had quite some errors, the city is not "Coffeeville", it is "Coffeyville". The postal code was wrong and did not match the street name which itself had a not so common syntax. All got corrected and enriched and made consistent, the ACTUAL_ASSIGNMENT_LEVEL being as low as PR meaning even the street number range was checked.
As in US the region is important too, the engine wanted to get the REGION1 field assigned as well with the state information.

Performance: see Global Address Cleanse - US Engine