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In SAP BW there are two places where data is moved. From the external source system into the Info/DataSource and from there into the Cube. The latter is done via BW, always. But getting data from source systems can be accomplished via various ways, you can have ABAP programs, BAPIs, use Standard Extractors, read relational databases. Or use a full blown ETL tool. This is most interesting if the data has to be read from multiple tables, needs functions applied or complex transformations. These transformations can be everything, ranging from rules how to calculate net revenue or even address cleansing algorithms.

To load BW, mutiple layers have to be configured:

Do you have a message server that provides load balancing among multiple BW application servers? You should read how DS should be reconfigured to support load balancing among multiple application servers .

1 Comment

  1. Thanks. Very good article on loading SAP BW with Data Services!

    There ist still one open question for me: how do we handle re-loads, i.e. we want to delete previously loaded records and re-load the transactions from last months.

    Will this be managed by SAP BW automatically by comparing primary keys?