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Sometimes we need to write error details(like error number, description) into table.

Let us say, a job is being executed, an error occurred in the middle of the execution, error details will be written in to error log file. Now, i want to capture those error details and preserve in a backend table. 

Are there any metadata tables that holds this information? Certainly, I didn't find any.  I looked at metadata table AL_HISTORY_INFO, It holds the path of log files but not the error values(like error number, description etc.,). one solution is there, we can use get_error_filename() environment function, this function gives the current job error log filename and its complete path. 

Here is the way to go, I have a simple dataflow which loads the inventory details excel sheet into target. Now, I’m purposefully generating an error by pointing to a wrong file name to read. 

and in the catch statement, I have a script to get the error filename, monitor filename, trace filename and their path. And in the next step I placed a workflow,  in that I have designed a dataflow for each log file to load. 

And in the script, I'm using environments functions to get their respective filenames, and passing those values in to three global variables , and then trimming the path from one of the filename. 

$PATH ------- log files entire path

$GV_ERR_FILENAME ------- For Error log filename

$GV_MTR_FILENAME ------ For Monitor log filename

$GV_TRC_FILENAME ------- For Trace log filename

Define these global variables at job level 


I have defined fixed width flatfile formats for each log file. 

Flat file format for error log

Create a similar file format definitions for Monitor log and Trace log, after defining these file formats, design a dataflow for each file to load.


Post execution steps: check the trace log window and error log window




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  1. Former Member


    I'm learning and new to bods, your explanation is good but please keep steps .

    i followed as per your document but i didn't get errors like your post.

    In work flow 3 data flows created but what kind of source should i keep...please help me