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Quite frequently you have to load mass data via a webservice or a BAPI but neither do you want to load one record at a time nor can you make one large call with all data. Solution is simple, via the number of rows in the root level you control how many calls are made, and the number of rows passed into the call controls how much data will be passed in each call. In DS 4.2 the XML_Map transform got enhanced to simplify that.

When dragging the XML_Map transform into the dataflow you get asked if you want to use the XML_Map in normal or in batch mode, we want to create batches.

The transform then adds the entire input as a child schema and breaks the entire source data into sets of rows.

The size of each set can be controlled by two parameters, the maximum number of rows per batch and by input fields.
In above example the nested schema should contain rows per LAND1 but up to 10'000 rows only.

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