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  •   Sybfilter

Sybfilter makes the MSSQL log file readable by adapter. As we know, we cannot open or read the file on Windows when the file is used by other application.

Sybfilter is packaged in DPAgent but not being installed during DPAgent installation. It needs separate installation after DPAgent installation finishes.

Sybfilter can only run on Windows machine though we package it in DPAgent Linux install image also.

We can copy it from DPAgent installation if DPAgent is running on other machine.

Location: <DPAgent>/LogReader/sybfilter


•  RACFGFilePath

The environment variable RACFGFilePath needs to be set on same machine where sybfilter is running.

This environment variable points to LogPath.cfg which contains the mapping of MSSQL Server log file and MSSQL database.

Sybfilter only needs to be started on MSSQL machine regardless of where the DPAgent is running.

Sybfilter reads the RACFGFilePath to determine which log file needs to be readable by adapter.


•  Share the MSSQL log file directories if DPAgent is running on other machine.


When DPAgent and MSSQL database are on different machines you need to:


  1. Enable “Use Remote Database” in remote source definition

  The <DPAgent>/LogReader/config/mssql_log_path_mapping.props file needs to be changed with the mapping of MSSQL database and MSSQL log file.

This file is being looked for by adapter when the “Use Remote Database” = true set in remote source definition.

•  DPAgent on Linux

The MSSQL log file directories need to be mounted on DPAgent Linux machine.

The mount command is different for different Linux distribution and version.

The EIM installation and configuration guide contains the mount command details.

•  DPAgent on Windows

The MSSQL log files should be accessible and readable on the DPAgent machine.