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SAP Information Steward Match Review allows business domain experts to engage in the process of reviewing match results produced by Data Services and make appropriate corrections as necessary. The solution architecture involves a staging area in which match results (or specifically suspect match groups) identified by a Data Services job run are populated. Information Steward is then pointed to this staging area and Match Review tool can be scheduled to monitor this staging area at regular frequency. When Match Review tool detects that new batch of match results is populated in this area, it will create the corresponding 'Match Review' task within Information Steward My Worklist. This task is assigned to the appropriate business domain experts as defined in the 'Match Review' configuration. Note that each reviewer may be assigned a subset of match groups based on their domain expertise. For example, customer data can be divided by geography and assigned to regional experts for the review. Business users can then review the match groups that they are assigned to and confirm or reject these groups.  The users are also able to reassign a master record in a group if desired.

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