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On UNIX and Linux platforms, SAP Data Services requires an ODBC driver manager library and ODBC driver library to configure ODBC data sources using data source name (DSN) connections. Some ODBC driver vendors include ODBC driver manager and ODBC driver capabilities in one single library, while others separate them into two individual libraries. To accommodate all ODBC vendors, Data Services requires configurations in two different files for DSN connections:

1. The Unix ODBC driver manager configuration file -  $LINK_DIR/bin/ds_odbc.ini
This file contains DSN instances that reference ODBC driver manager libraries. For every ODBC data store you need an entry in this file.

2. The ODBC vendor's configuration files (referenced by the $ODBCINI environment variable).
This file contains DSN instances that reference the ODBC driver libraries, as well as the database server connection information.

• For Neoview, the $MXODSN environment variable is used instead of $ODBCINI.
• One ODBC configuration file can contain multiple different DSN instances. For example, a file referenced by $ODBCINI

Things to check for the ODBC connection on Linux to work successfully are:

  1. Confirm $LINK_DIR/bin/ is sourced
  2. Check that LINK_DIR is set to Data Services installation folder using echo $LINK_DIR
  3. Check that LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains folder path that contains required ODBC so files by checking echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH On AIX it is LIBPATH environment variable
  4. Check that environment variable ODBCINI is set to the correct odbcini file
  5. Make sure you have correct data source entry in $LINK_DIR/bin/ds_odbc.ini
  6. Make sure you have correct data source entry in ODBCINI.
  7. Try restarting Data Services job server, if any configuration changes are made

Useful Knowledge Base Articles:

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