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The Pageable cache does not start swapping once 2GB are reached, no, it is a configurable parameter. It can be found in the DSConfig.txt [Al_Engine] section and is called PAGEABLE_CACHE_BUFFER_POOL_SIZE_IN_MB=1500. A value of zero sets this to the internal default or 1.5 gig with .5 gig overhead. This was for older DS versions pre DS14.0. With DS14.0 the engine on Windows went to 64bit thus the restriction on a 32bit 2gig process limit becomes obsolete.

DS14.0 and greater the default was moved from ~1.5 to 3.5 gig. So PAGEABLE_CACHE_BUFFER_POOL_SIZE_IN_MB = 0 is default setting in DSConfig.txt and engine goes to paging at 3.5gig. Also the location of DSConfig.txt moves to %DS_COMMON_DIR%/conf on windows. On Unix/Linux %DS_COMMON_DIR% points to $LINK_DIR/conf.


This switch is also found in DSCOnfig.txt section [Al_Engine]

 MAX_64BIT_PROCESS_VM_IN_MB=4096 This is an older switch to effect the same on a pre DS14.0 engine that is a 64bit engine on Unix/Linux versus the Windows 32bit engine. This switch is still viable on DS14.0 and greater Unix/Linux job servers.


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