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The Cleansing Package used by the Data Cleanse transform that is installed with Data Services 4.2, consists of the cultural domain-specific metadata and supporting rules that are loaded to the File  Repository System (FRS) for use in parsing person and firm data as well as phone numbers and dates. The cleansing package may be viewed, modified and created using the Cleansing Package Builder feature within Information Steward.

A person and firm cleansing package defines how the Data Services' Data Cleanse transform cleanses person (name) and firm (company) information such as:
• given name
• family name (surname)
• prename, such as Mr., Mrs., Dr., Lt. Col.
• postname, such as Junior, Senior, M.D., CPA
• title, such as Software Engineer, Accountant, or Manager
• phone number
• Social Security number
• email address
• firm or company name, such as SAP, Hewlett-Packard, or McDonald's

You may use the person and firm cleansing package as is or modify to meet your specific needs.


  • The Cleansing Package was a separate downloadable package that was installed as an option during the Data Services 4.1 installation.
  • With 4.0 release, the Cleansing Pacakages had their own installation (separate from Data Services and Information Stewards' installations)


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