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Data Quality Management for SAP Solutions

SAP Data Quality Management version for SAP Solutions (DQM for SAP) provides a prepackaged native integration of data quality best practices within the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP), and SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG) environments.


ABAP - The installation package is installed by default on S/4 HANA 1809 and later so installation of the package itself is no longer required. 

Referential data - Installation of the referential data used to power the address cleansing solution, does need to be downloaded and installed, depending on the countries purchased.  

Script Server - SAP HANA Smart Data Quality utilizes the script server.  The Script server needs to be started or restarted in order to use the product.

  • Note - for performance of the Data Quality processes ensure that the operational cache is enabled.


Activate the BC sets - There are four required BC sets for configuring the HANA engine.  The order of the activation is important.  

On Client 000 Activate:

    • /FLDQ/BASE_CI1
    • /FLDQ/HANA_CI1

On target client Activate:

    • /FLDQ/BASE_CD1
    • /FLDQ/HANA_CD1

Other optional BC sets that can be activated on the target client are:

/FLDQ/EXT_SEARCHUsed for CRM extended search capabilities only. Activate in each target (non-000) client that needs CRM extended search capabilities.
/FLDQ/BSP_PVUsed for CRM WebClient installations only. Activate in each CRM WebClient target (non-000) client. Activating Business Server Pages (BSP) BC Sets is necessary only if you are enabling this product's functionality in a CRM WebClient environment.
/FLDQ/MDG_SDQ_MSGUsed for SAP Master Data Governance – Supplier (MDG) installations only. Activate in each target MDG (non-000) client.

Configuring Default Cleansing and Matching 


Configure SIMDQ_CNTRY_ID - the default configuration is set to apply the same standards to all countries.  

Configure SIMDQ_ADDR_STG - This is the table that allows you to configure the options used in the task plan in SDQ.

Configure SIMDQ_TASK_UPDT - This table is used to signal to SAP HANA Smart Data Quality that the task plan needs to be regenerated prior to processing. 

Please see the DQM for SAP Users Guide, powered by HANA for configuring for additional information on how to configure the Default Cleansing and Matching.  


Run the Batch Match report /FLDQ/RSADRINIBM to generate the match codes that will be used later during transactional processing.  

Other optional setup:

The table /FLDQ/DQ_ENGINGES can be configured to use another engine for processing. For example you could configure the HANA engine for US and Canada processing and the Microservice for location data engine for all other countries.   This would cause just the two countries to be processed by the SDQ engine and the remainder would process under the DQAAS engine.  It would be seamless to the end users processing the data, but the maintenance of the referential data would only be for the two countries.  The remainder of the data would be charged on the per record basis.  

DQM for SAP Solutions, powered by SAP HANA

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