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Customers can use Global Address Cleanse (GAC) Suggestion Lists for real-time address validation. GAC provides error-tolerant search to find a list of similar addresses if a perfect match is not found. The user enters a misspelled address name, selects a record from the suggestions, enters a house number, and GAC returns the full address. If the user only inputs a city name that contains more than one postcode, the GAC Suggestion List provides a postcode list. This feature could be useful when the user wants to query the postcodes by city name. When user inputs an address which contains address line information (street name, street number, building, floor/unit/wing/stairwell etc), the GAC suggestion list also drills down step-by-step to a unique address.
For transactional environments, such as call centers, where it’s important to have quick entry with as few keystrokes as possible, it’s better to use the Global Suggestion List transform. The Global Suggestion List transform provides the ability to build an address with partial information by using wild card searches, and to drill down step-by-step to a unique address. Search methods include:

  • LIKE search (for example,  Ber* → Berlin)
  • Phonetic search (for example, Ph → F)
  • Fuzzy search (for example,. Berlen → Berlin) 
    The GAC Suggestion List provides more ability to handle typos and misspellings than the Global Suggestion List transform. For example, Lacrose, Lacrosse, and La Crose should all match to La Crosse.

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